Advertisement policy.

By buying an AD spot, you agree to the following statements.

We (Basement Network) give everyone the opportunity to advertise/promote their services or projects in our websites ( and its sub-domains), by letting them buy a static advertising spot in form of a banner/image in some of our web-pages. Below, you will see sections clarifying the terms and rules each promoter should follow, as long with commonly-used terms in the policy and clarifications we will use in these statements.
- "Entity", "User(s)", "Promoter(s)" refers to any individual, brand, representative or group that uses our services. - "We", "Us", "Our(s)" refers to the brand "Basement Network", which owns the site and its sub-domains. - "Spot", "Advertising Spot", "AD(s)" refers to an image in form of usually but not limited to rectangle that covers certain spot in our website, that can and should be used for advertising/promotion purposes, and is visible to most or any user(s) visiting our website.
The entity that buy the advertising spot, agrees to follow certain rules in order to keep their spot online in our website, these rules are stated but not limited to the section below. By buying an advertisement spot in our site, the promoter agrees to: - Not use the spot to perform malicious activities, such as promoting any kind of malware, unlawful ventures or facilitate harmful, fraudulent, defamatory, threatening, dangerous, harassing, obscene, or in any manner infringes or violates the intellectual property rights or any other rights of anyone else, including ours. - Understand and agree to first contact us before reversing their payment method if they have purchased an Advertising spot. - Understand and agree that once the Advertising Spot payment is completed, we do not guarantee any refunds. - Understand and agree that our prices should, but may not include sales, fees and possibly taxes. If these are included, the user is responsible for the payment of such taxes or fees related to the purchase of the service. - Understand and agree that we do uphold the right to suspend our service to any entity that violates or not our policy, without any previous notice and for any reason. - Understand and agree our privacy policy, that can be found at - Understand and agree to follow the Discord Terms of Service, that can be found at - Understand and agree that you need to pay monthly for the AD, if you don't pay one month we won't show the AD that month.
Our sites and services are not associated/partnered/sponsored in any way with Bot Designer For Discord or Discord. We reserve the rights to modify, add, or remove portions of our Policy at anytime, without previous advice, and you agree that is your responsibility to periodically review our policy for changes, if you do not agree with our terms/policy you are free to reject them by not using our service. For any concern about our policy, feel free to contact us at [email protected]
- Last changed 07 january, 2022.